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2020/07/04 at 10:15
    I am a returning user and my previous experience with was a great one in matter of earnings and learnings.

    Now I am starting the journey once again hoping that Probux is here to stay and become a top PTC once again.
    I doubted this new site but after reading messages from the admin in the forums I have joined it.
    I doubted because I lost my hard earned money 6 years ago but I am back because this was the only PTC which helped me earn at that time.
    Good and bad things go hand in hand but I have high expectations from Probux this time and I want to wish everyone a very best of luck in this journey.

    Lets celebrate and welcome everyone and we should not deny help to any of our mate!!

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    2020/07/10 at 18:36
      Congrat's brother.yescash

      Same here. My earning was also good at that time. It is the best PTC ever I have seen
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