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2020/07/16 at 04:00
    RR infrastructure/services is what will make or crash and burn a PTC site.

    Recycling is an important feature to PTCs. Currently Probux's recycling feature is broken.

    Those "dead" recycled RRs are an annoying sight to clickers leaving "a bad taste in their mouth" who will put their money in other PTCs sites with a more stable RRs services. Last thing Probux (or any other PTC sites) would want is the sight of "dead" RRs in a clicker's RR list which will annoy the clickers everyday.

    Probux needs to find a solution to this problem (RR shortages) without resorting to bots ASAP.
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    2020/07/16 at 16:22
      we will explain one more time the situation, because there is a big number of users that rent a big number of RR, and of course they are using recycle for rr, so they release a big number of inactives RR, if someone want to recycle a RR he quite possible get inactive RR released by other member. all users want perfect system that pay them a lot of money by giving them hight RR avg and get actives rr after recycling, and they want getting paid forever. it is not possible and platform running like this will turn rapidely to scam.

      we are not get rich program. and we are here with a stable system for a long term plan.